P2P Career Opportunities

Prep2Prep is committed to building the best, brightest and most enthusiastic staff possible to help us achieve our mission of providing the best high school sports coverage through the skills of our talented, motivated student staff. To that end, we are looking to fill positions of a more senior nature to provide support, direction and, in some cases, mentorship to our young staff.

At this time, we are looking to staff the following positions:


This position is open immediately and operates remotely.

Prep2Prep is a startup dedicated to providing the most comprehensive high school sports coverage in your area through the mentorship of promising high school students who have shown an interest in journalism.


  • Pursue leads to sell advertising in Prep2Prep media guides
  • Identify the person in charge of the advertising budget at the target companies and establish contact with point person
  • Explain the benefits of advertising with Prep2Prep, using impression counts and website analytics where applicable
  • Offer price options and close deals with target companies


  • High school graduate with a passion for sports, strong belief in the Prep2Prep mission and boundless energy to pursue sales opportunities
  • Excellent communication and people skills