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Menlo-Atherton wrestler Lauren McDonnell is one of four statewide CIF Spirit of Sports award winners for the 2019 winter and spring seasons
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Menlo-Atherton wrestler Lauren McDonnell is one of four CIF Spirit of Sport winners for 2019 Winter and Spring seasons

April 2, 2019

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Lauren McDonnell (Menlo-Atherton High School), Thomas Moorehead (Mesa Verde High School), Payton Fuller (West Valley High School), and Samantha Matlock (Mariposa County High School) were named the recipients of the prestigious CIF Spirit of Sport Award for 2019 Winter and Spring respectively. The four statewide winners, along with the two Fall recipients, will receive an award, a patch, a $1,000 scholarship and be recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner on April 12, in Burlingame. [read more]

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