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West Valley Eagles
Santa Teresa was the last team to get in the playoffs, and the Saints will look to make a run in Division V
Ryan McCarthy

CCS Division V Playoff Preview

November 15, 2019

Division V has three representatives of one-bid ‘C’ leagues (Mills, Mt. Pleasant and Pacific Grove) but also has two ‘A’ league teams in Leland and Santa Teresa. The Saints are one of the most interesting teams in the field as they only got in by virtue of Lincoln forgoing the playoffs to play in the Big Bone Game on Thanksgiving, making them the ultimate dark horses. Leland had been projected for higher divisions throughout much of the season, but an injury to quarterback Carson Yates that led to the Chargers dropping their final three games may have been a blessing in disguise as they find themselves as the top seed in Division V now, the proverbial biggest fish in the smallest pond. [read more]

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