Prep2Prep Products

Prep2Prep Media Guides

Media guides are a great way to promote your team's program at the start of a new season. Prep2Prep media guides also provide great fundraising opportunities for your team in combination with discount cards provided by Prep2Prep.

Prep2Prep media guides typically include:
  • Full roster information (all levels)
  • Schedules
  • Team and individual photos
  • Historical team records
  • And lots more ...

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Prep2Prep Team Yearbooks

Prep2Prep team yearbooks are a great way to commemorate the season. Unlike traditional school yearbooks, Prep2Prep team yearbooks showcase your team on every page of the book, making sure that all players on the roster get recognition. Several teams have used Prep2Prep team yearbooks as a special way to thank their seniors for their contributions to the program.

Prep2Prep team yearbooks include:
  • In-depth articles
  • Schedules/results
  • High-resolution action photos
  • And lots more ...

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